Wed, 06/09/2017
PEASE BRING WITH YOU A PEN AND POSSIBLY A CLIP BOARD OR SIMILAR TO HELP YOU WRITE THE ANSWERS ….. Gather in Ashby at the library car park. I will be there a little before 7.00pm. Collect your clue sheet … both written and picture clues are included. I will note your departure time (this is important for reasons which will become clear…) READ THE INSTRUCTIONS and set off on a short walk round Ashby, following the route given and looking for answers to the clues as you go. Note your answers on your sheet as you go. Arrive back at The Shoulder of Mutton and hand your sheet to me: I will note your return time. Sheets will be marked as quickly as possible on the night so we can announce a winner. Allowing time to stop and write down answers, get lost and ponder upon options the walk should take around an hour maximum. Please observe all the usual precautions when crossing roads. All the answers are on the route or clearly visible from it, so you won’t need to wander around too much (I hope!) …. You may take part on your own or as part of a team. Please note your name, or team name, on the answer sheet before you hand it back in. The winner will be the competitor or team with the most correct answers out of a possible 45 points. In the event of a tie, the competitor or team who returned the highest score in the shortest time will be declared the winner (hence the need to record times …) So … I’ll look forward to seeing you all there for a fun and social evening. As ever, if there are any questions, please ask.